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Fundamental Picture.

Panorama is the integrated power market solution for congestion traders.

Explore the most inclusive historical, fundamental and market analysis in the industry. Discover new opportunities and understand not only what happened on the grid, but also why.

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Panorama empowers quick, efficient analysis by providing the clearest and most comprehensive map at the bus level to visually explore the grid and congestion drivers.

Lightning fast analysis

Our high-performance power-flow engine analyzes thousands of scenarios in seconds. It eliminates time-consuming elements of analysis required by other tools, allowing you to perform analysis up to 80% faster than the industry average.

Efficiency in a single platform

Everything needed for analysis is available in one integrated platform. Panorama increases workflow efficiency by removing the need to jump between tools, and will quickly become integral to your daily routine.

Increased confidence

Our unparalleled bus level visualization allows for incredible granularity when developing your investment strategies. Track cause and effect at the lowest level, and uncover unique insights to reach new levels of confidence in your trades.

Our cloud-based power-flow engine analyzes thousands of scenarios in a matter of seconds to help you swiftly uncover opportunities in minutes that could take hours via alternative methods.

Understand the competition

The built-in Portfolio Performance viewer includes P&L data for all FTR market participants down to the constraint level, to reveal where your competition is generating their best returns, and help you plan how to get ahead.

Test-drive any portfolio

Upload existing or custom portfolios to analyze their risk exposure and P&L against both historical constraints and future scenarios, helping you make the best investment decisions for your portfolio.

Learn new markets

Visualization and flow of an entire ISO region helps rapidly build an understanding of the topology and common constraints. If you're trading in a new market, Panorama is the fastest way to learn it.

Perform custom analysis

Access to our easy to integrate API suite allows you to run custom analyses and automate workflows.

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