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Instant Insights.

Marginal Unit State Estimator (MUSE) delivers top-of-the-line generation and constraint analysis for the power market.

Be the first to know why new constraints bound. Translate your insights into perfectly-timed, highly-informed decisions.

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Be the first to know why new constraints bound. Translate your insights into perfectly-timed, highly-informed decisions.

318+ GW Generation
660+ Power Plants
1300+ Constraints

With one click, MUSE provides congestion analysis that would otherwise take an analyst days to compile.

For Virtual & PTP Traders

Make quick, confident Nodal and Hub trading decisions, and gain an intuitive understanding of the DART using the industry's only near real-time, comprehensive analysis of congestion drivers and generation output. MUSE's live monitoring of thousands of constraints and generation output data gives you a crystal-clear, bird's eye view of the grid.

For Asset Managers

MUSE's unique auto analytics break down congestion's effect on your LMPs - for both the Day-Ahead and Real-Time markets. Know exactly how competing plants are operating. Make optimal scheduling and purchasing decisions with MUSE's interactive, industry-leading generation coverage map.

For Cash & Exchange Traders

MUSE brings just-in-time analytics to the world of real-time trading. Understand whether price shifts are being driven by variations in load, generation, or transmission outages before placing a trade.

Superior Coverage

Identify more numerous and less-obvious investment opportunities with market-leading generator and constraint coverage across ERCOT, PJM, and SPP.

Instant ISO Updates

Prepare for market volatility by having up-to-date information at your fingertips via automatic updates from our proprietary state estimator.

Competitive Advantage

Get ahead of your competition with rapid, accurate, and actionable insights from our instant decomposition analysis.

New Standard in Shift Factors

Identify the best nodes and paths to trade for a given constraint with dynamic physical shift factors that utilize the same methodology as the ISOs.

Learn New Markets

Immediately understand the topology that drives the market, through our high-fidelity, geographically-accurate, and fully interactive map. Drill into specific generators, constraints, and transmission outages to quickly identify their measurable impact on power flows and prices.

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