About Us

Marginal Unit is on a mission to redefine power market analytics. We strive to create the best possible products for our users, and this begins with our values:


We are obsessed with building the best tools for our users. We respond quickly to client questions and offer free training.


We are a team of scientists and engineers. Our algorithms are grounded in massive physics simulations.

Continuous Improvement

We release product updates daily. Join us now to get exclusive access to free Beta trials of new products.

Build The Best

We combine machine learning, cloud computing, UX, and data visualization to create a suite of innovative power analytics tools.

Our Story

Our mission is to help power traders and asset managers elevate their business to new heights by making traditionally complex power market analysis quicker, simpler, and more accurate.

Marginal Unit was founded in 2016 by a power market industry veteran who wanted to bring the excellence and innovation of Silicon Valley to power market analytics.

With an Austin-based team of talented employees and a fast-paced, entrepreneurial culture, Marginal Unit has built a suite of market-leading solutions that help our customers navigate the volatile and complex power markets.

Join our team

We are always interested in welcoming talented individuals to our team. Join us in making the most innovative technological breakthroughs in power market analytics!

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