High performance shift factor and powerflow computation engine

“Better understanding, better forecasts, better results

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Transmission case vault

Leverage the power of transmission cases

Efficiently and securely store all your transmission cases in a central, convenient place.

  • Powerful querying and exploration features to extract the most insights from your cases.
  • High performance network computing capabilities to forecast flows and constraints.
  • Easy to use API to leverage Reflow's unique power into your proprietary processes and analysis.
Cross-time view

Inspect transmission elements across time

Reflow can provide "cross-time views" of the most important network elements, such as:

  • Transmission line flow, status and ratings over time.
  • Generator output and status (pmin, pmax) over time.
  • Bus load over time.

This unique perspective on network data gives powerful insights into what drives LMPs, flows and congestion.

Shift Factors

High performance power flow and shift factors

Compute shift factors to analyze and forecast congestion:

  • PTDF/OTDF to understand generators' impacts on constraints and choose the optimal path.
  • LODF to project which constraint may be the most impacted by a transmission outage and forecast congestion.
  • Simulate power flow scenarios to discover and explore new constraints.
  • Compute and compare shift factors for different topologies very quickly, and identify new opportunities.

Modern API

Modern API: Delightful and future-proof

Reflow is accessible in the cloud through a powerful yet easy-to-use REST API.

  • Standard REST API: Easy to integrate with any operating system or software platform.
  • It just works: no need to contact your IT support to install/configure servers or special software. Start using Reflow today!
  • Make your own value-add workflow: leverage the power of Reflow within your own proprietary process and elevate your workflow.

Learn how Reflow can help you understand the market better, make better forecasts, and improve your results

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