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Transmission case vault

An integrated experience for maximum productivity

Panorama brings together the key capabilities for reliable forecasting:

  • Comprehensive system map for an unparalleled bus-level view of the grid.
  • Instant computation and visualization of the real shift factors.
  • View case elements across time to find patterns and opportunities.
Cross-time view

Visualize the grid at the bus-level to gain market insights

A picture is worth a thousand words:

  • Dive into the grid's topology to understand and anticipate flow patterns.
  • See real shift factors directly on the map to understand constraint drivers and find optimal paths.
  • The ONLY bus-level system map of the MISO models on the market.
Shift Factors

High performance power flow and shift factors

Leverage shift factors to analyze and forecast congestion:

  • Decompose constraint flows to quickly identify the main drivers.
  • Real PTDF/OTDF to understand generators' impacts on constraints and choose the optimal path.
  • LODF to project which constraint may be the most impacted by a transmission outage and forecast congestion.

Cross-time view

Inspect transmission elements across time

See "cross-time views", down to the bus-level, of ANY network element, such as:

  • Transmission line flow, status and ratings over time.
  • Generator output and status (pmin, pmax) over time.
  • Bus load over time.

This unique perspective on network data gives powerful insights into what drives LMPs, flows and congestion.

Learn how Panorama can help you understand the market better, make better forecasts, and improve your results

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